Return-2-Sport Programmes

With over 10 years of professional sports experience, Activ8 Physio understand the demands of elite sport, whilst knowing what it takes to return from serious injury.

Activ8 Physio Return2Sport Rehabilitation Programmes:

  • Build strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, endurance and sports specific skills
  • Prevent Re-Injury  - Improving your ability to overcome fatigue and respond to unexpected challenges
  • Enhance physical and mental resilience – allowing you to return to sports with confidence

Combining Activ8 Physio’s exceptional standard of care with the state-of-the art facilities at DISTRICT Health & Leisure, Activ8 Physio are one of Munster’s leading providers of elite sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

So whether you are returning from a sprained ankle, pulled hamstring, or an ACL reconstruction, our specialist Activ8 Physio Return-2-Sport Programmes are designed around your performance goals and training needs so that you can get back to performing at your very best.


Activ8 Physio Service - return to sport programmes


  • Improves muscle strength, fitness, & movement co-ordination
  • Ensures that you are physically & mentally ready to return to your sport
  • Prevents further injury


Activ8 Physio Service - Sports Massage & Acupuncture


Activ8 deep tissue massage to help relax, reset & rejuvenate your muscles, preventing injury and increasing performance.

Activ8 Physio Service - POST-OP REHABILITATION


Consultant endorsed Activ8 Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Protocols are designed to optimise your recovery, getting you back moving freely and comfortably again after your procedure