Back Pain & Spinal Rehabilitation

Consultant endorsed Activ8 Back Pain & Spinal Rehabilitation Protocols are designed to optimise your recovery, getting you back moving freely and comfortably again. 

    Working in partnership with leading pain specialists, spinal surgeons, and rheumatologists, our integrated Activ8 Physio Spinal Rehabilitation pathway is here to provide you with a dedicated, end-to-end recovery process, so that you can get back to living your best life! 

    Activ8 Physio treat the following types of back and neck pain:

    • Posture related & mechanical back pain
    • Sciatica
    • Disc Injuries
    • Degenerative changes
    • Post-surgical rehabilitation (Discectomy, Fusion)
    • Stress fracture (Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis)
    • Inflammatory Back Pain (Spondyloarthropathy, AS)
    • Occupational related low-back & neck pain


    Activ8 Physio Service - Physiotherapy


    Activ8 Physio is here to help facilitate recovery for clients affected by injury, illness, or long term medical conditions using methods such as graded movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and professional advice

    Activ8 Physio Service - Biomechanical Gait & Orthotic Assessment


    Activ8 Physio assess your walking, running and standing positions to identify and treat any muscular or mechanical imbalances which are causing pain and discomfort, or may cause injury.